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                       MASSAGE TREATMENTS

Thai Traditional Massage   A stronger deep tissue massage, concentrating on the nerve centers, with massage and stretching to relieve aches and pains. This is an ideal choice for those who have had physio or similar treatment. For those with tired backs and muscles, this treatment will rejuvenate the body and provide greater stamina   1 hour/ £45  …90 min/£65 ...2 hours/£75

Aromatherapy / Oil Massage   (women only )Full Body deep tissue massage. This relaxing oil / aromatherapy treatment combines essential oils with a gentle massage technique to hydrate and energize the body. The focus is on relaxation.    1 hour/ £45  …90 min/£65 ...2 hours/£75

Oil Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage  (women only)  A more calm and gentle back deep tissue massage to release body tension ……1 hour/ £45

Sciatica Massage. This intensive massage treatment is for Sciatic pain ...The massage will relax the muscles around the sciatic nerve and take away painful nerve inflammation ...This massage will also increase blood circulation around the sciatic nerve which will help in reducing pain ...1 hour /£50

Thai Traditional Back, Neck  & Shoulders Massage. A stronger deep tissue massage to release trapped nerves and body tension .This is a stronger massage…..1 hour/ £45

Head & Neck  Massage This massage concentrates on upper body tension to release stress and ease tired and aching muscles....1 hour £35

Relaxing Foot Massage  A massage of the lower legs, calf’s and feet.. The relevant areas of the feet are stimulated to promote health benefits and overall well-being. This also aids ankle and tendon flexibility and strengthening.    1 hour/ £35

Reflexology Foot Massage  To apply pressure to the feet, and massaging certain areas of the feet. This technique is to encourage healing and relieve stress and tension. This massage also improves general health and well-being….1 hour £35

Please book in advance to save disappointment 

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